School Management Software

Our tablets come preloaded with our School Management Software which was specifically designed for primary school use.

All apps on the tablet are stored in various subject folders i.e. Maths, Irish, Art etc. on the homepage making it easier for teachers and students to navigate and find what they are looking for.

Fig 1: The HomePage showing folders where apps can be stored by subject.

This software password protects access to the internet, so students can only access the internet when the teacher gives them a password.

Similarly, access to the camera is password protected. Passwords change daily and are only accessible by teachers.

Fig 2: Apps that require passwords include the Camera, Settings, Admin, Youtube, Password Vault and WWW related apps such as Chrome, Britannica & Wikipedia.

New tablets always come with messaging and social networking apps preloaded by the manufacturer. We have removed access to these apps such as Snapchat, Instagram etc. However, schools can re-install these apps if desired.

The software allows teachers to install apps from Google's Playstore onto multiple devices simultaneously, without having to manually update each tablet individually.

Students are unable to install new apps or uninstall apps that the teacher has previously installed.

Teachers can easily change which folder an app belongs to and can even temporarily hide an app from view.

Access to the system's settings is also password restricted, although its unlikely that even teachers would require such access.

Numerous educational apps have been preloaded onto the tablets, so that you can start using the tablets in the classroom immediately.

We also provide training to teachers in the use of the tablets and school management system.

Fig 3: The Maths folder showing various apps preloaded on the tablets.